The most comprehensive training to apply biomimetic, bioinspired, circular innovation for systems engineering and business.

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Biomimicry Academy is a platform for the top educators from responsible innovation to regenerative business. Their online courses prepare you for the project-based certification programme. The certification opens a wide field of careers and is your entry point into the global community of change makers.
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The new Biomimicry Practitioner Online Essentials

The Biomimicry Practitioner is a comprehensive introduction into responsible innovation: From human-centred and bioinspired design, through Circular Economy and Systems Thinking to Business Modelling and Implementation. The Online Essentials are the entry point to the full professional Biomimicry Practitioner training in autumn 2020.
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The world needs change makers

It needs you to develop skills and ideas, and bring them to the market successfully.

  • Human-Centred and Nature-Inspired Design

    Solve challenges that people care about with a unique combination of methods that create solutions that are efficient, adaptable and sustainable by default.

  • Circular Economy and Systems Thinking

    Create ideates and prototypes from the start that are fit for the Circular Economy and serve your innovation ecosystem.

  • Business Modeling and Market Integration

    Go from idea to market guided by renowned mentors. Graduate as a startup, as intrapreneur or as consultant on our own business platform.

Biomimicry Academy Online Essentials

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Biomimicry Academy is the education platform for a new kind of change makers.

Dr. Arndt Pechstein

President Biomimicry Germany

"Humans are the only species in the world that know waste and unemployment. Let's change that by learning from the millions of species around us."

Hanna Hoch

Biomimicry Practitioner graduating in 2020

"It is a lot of content which we are working through with our small teams, and we get constant feedback from the mentors."

Natasha Nathan

Biomimicry Practitioner graduating in 2020

"It is so inspiring to connect to likeminded people at the Academy, who have similar goals and even help you to achieve your own goals."

Dr. Fabian Feutlinske

Founder and Director of Biomimicry Academy

"Society, environmental changes and policies call for a disruption of business as usual. Professionals and companies that do not here this call will soon be gone."

Charles Darwin

Evolution Biologist

"The species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself."

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