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Welcome to the training

that will change your perspective on the world and your personal development!

The world needs people like you to make a change.

The Professional Project Training follows the Online Essentials. It brings you from theory through practical training to market and application.

This Project-Based Learning (PBL) consists of online seminars, practical assignments, mentoring sessions - and the optional intense and enlightening life session in Berlin! It builds on the previous Online Essentials which are required for participation. The training recapitulates the content and methods to then apply them on a Biomimicry challenge using research with scientists, followed by a second project on a challenge. You can either bring your own project idea to develop it into a startup, or work on a challenge issued by our external project partners who will implement the results developed by the participants.

For entrepreneurs. For intrapreneurs. For social innovators.

Graduates of the Biomimicry Academy automatically enter the COBIOM cocreation platform as endorsed experts to co-create solutions to business challenges. Moreover, graduates are encouraged to enter their project solutions into the Global Biomimicry Design Challenge and the Launchpad of the Ray of Hope Foundation. Additionally, they are connected to appropriate accelerators in the respective economic fields and promoted online through the Biomimicry Academy.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to your Future

    • Kick-off Seminar

    • Prepare for the training already!

  • 2

    1) Biomimicry Training: 27 August -

    • Online Seminars

    • First Berlin Session

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A university-grade eduction but fast, application-focused and effective.

Embark on the full journey now

The Biomimicry Practitioner Certification Programme leads you all the way from theory to application. To make a real change in the world.

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