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to become a bioinspired change maker

At Biomimicry Academy you learn how to learn from nature, and how to apply these learnings in the context of product or service development, business or social entrepreneurship, organisational or personal change.

The Online Essentials are your entry route into the full certification programme. But it is also a great to take the online course alone. 3 modules lead you through Responsible and Bioinspired Circular Innovation all the way to Value-driven Business.

After that, you can still decide to continue to the full professional trainging programme to become a fully certified Biomimicry Practitioner.


Module 1: Responsible Innovation

You can purchase each module own its own. This makes sense, if you want to try out the first module before engaging on the whole learning journey. Or if you want to start with one module now and want to continue another time.

Online Essentials

If you purchase all three modules at once, you get more than 20% discount. You can also choose the convenient payment plan over 3 months.

Full Certification Programme

The best way of course is to go the full way to certification as a Biomimicry Practitioner by combining the Online Essentials and the Professional Project Training.

Philanthropy Programme

Get a discount if you are a student or come from a disadvantaged background

Biomimicry Academy educates future change makers. We know that global income inequalities may restrict some of you to participate. This is why we offer a student discount of 10% and another 10% for disadvantaged participants from the Global South. For the discount, please provide suitable documentation like a student ID or other financial proof.

Engage on the full journey now

The Biomimicry Practitioner Certification Programme leads you all the way from theory to application. To make a real change in the world.

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